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In the best of times, it's not easy being a small business owner. You try to follow a long-term strategy, while addressing the myriad of challenges you face on a day-to-day basis. You wear many hats, but you just can't know everything about everything. None of us can.

We customize our approach, offering different levels of service to meet the unique needs of your business.

HR Basic Document Package

We developed our HR Basic Document Package with the busy small business owner in mind. It  includes eight customizable templates, an employee handbook planning guide, and a sample  handbook table of contents, plus a one-hour consultation to help you understand these documents and adapt them to suit your business.

"MyOwn HR Specialist"

If you want your own HR Specialist, but not the expense of a full-time position,this could be the perfect service for you. SWS provides this "outsourced" HR service as an independent contractor, so there is no payroll obligation.

This service is intended for organizations located within a reasonable commute from Asheville, NC. The SWS Specialist works at your site, performing the routine HR activities you have selected, following an agreed-upon schedule.

Benefits include:

    • Our ongoing relationship with your organization fosters understanding of your business strategy, operations, and workforce requirements.

    • Your HR Specialist provides scheduled assistance and responds to your inquires on a timely basis. S/he is part of a seasoned team of HR / OD professionals that offers a depth and breadth of expertise.

    • Planning ahead and anticipating challenges helps you prevent problems and better protect your organization.

    • Our simple, yet sound, approach will help you become a more effective HR leader.

As-Needed HR Coaching & Consulting

When you partner with Strategic Workplace Solutions, we coach you about basic human resource (HR) legal requirements and best practices. We help you comply with related laws, institute best practices, expand your business, and resolve challenging HR situations along the way. When an unexpected problem surfaces, we help you solve it and take action to prevent it from happening again.

Sitting on that HR Question Could Be Costly! Contact us Today.

Payroll Administration

Strategic Workplace Solutions is affiliated with Flex Pay Business Services, a comprehensive payroll provider. Flex-Pay holds a strong reputation as a payroll provider with excellent customer service and competitive pricing against the national companies.

For more information or to request a quote, CLICK HERE.

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