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Office Kitchen Etiquette

Office etiquette always extends to the office kitchen, which may or may not be cleaned every day. Employees sharing a space like a kitchen should be cleaning up after themselves so that the kitchen can remain clean, hygienic and free from bugs. Having a set of rules for the office kitchen can help you reduce the mess and can help things moving smoothly when everyone is cramming to get their lunches.


No Coffee Left?

A very important rule in office kitchen etiquette is if the pot of coffee is getting low or has been emptied; make a new pot of coffee! No one likes to have to do all the work while someone is enjoying their caffeine boost. But it is important enough to you, learn how to make a fresh pot, your colleagues will thank you for it.

Clean up after yourself

Even if your company has a cleaning service, it doesn’t give you leeway to being a slob. Others need to eat in that kitchen and need to have the ability prepare their lunch or snack in a clean environment. Trash goes in the trashcan, simple enough. This applies to leftovers in the fridge as well. No one is going to dispose of your leftovers for you, so do everyone a favor and throw out the smelly casserole in the fridge – just because it found its way to the back doesn’t mean it has disappeared.  Clean out the microwave if you make a mess, no one wants to clean up after your chili massacre.

Respect the bagged lunch

No one wants their lunch man-handled, so refrain from pushing and shoving others food in order to get your food to fit. Be kind to your coworkers lunch. And if there isn’t room, see what re-organization can be done.

Kitchen supplies

If the office supplies plastic utensils or paper towels, the proper thing to do is to replace them. Don’t leave an empty box of forks for someone to get irritated over.

Take out the garbage

If the garbage is full, alert someone who has the responsibility to take care of it, don’t shove your trash on top and walk away. If no one else can take out the trash, then you certainly can. As an employee of the company, it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the efficiency of the company, even in the kitchen. 


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